Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound that is responsible for altering the mental and physical behavioral mannerisms of cannabis users. This chemical activates the receptors in the human brain responsible for memory, mobility as well as emotions. THC arouses brain cells making them produce dopamine which in turn creates a euphoric effect on users. 

THC edibles are food products made from cannabis. The lifting of the ban on cannabis has led to an increase in the usage of the drug in many countries. This article seeks to highlight the different types of THC edibles as well as the effect of the edibles on users. The edibles are consumed like normal food and their effects kick in once they have been digested into the blood-stream. 

 The following are some of the types of cannabis edible products. 

  1. Food products made from cannabis  

These are food products that are prepared using cannabis as one of the ingredients. Baking is one of the main ways of preparing cannabis food products. Some of the most popular baked products are cookies and brownies. Some popular sauces like chicken curry, pasta as well as sushi may also be infused with cannabis. 

There is also a brand new cannabis edible butter. Cannabis products are used as an ingredient to provide a unique seasoning to butter. 

There are also edible products in the form of candy such as chewing gum and lollipops. There are also chocolate products made from cannabis. These products are orally administered and their effects set in quicker since they are easily absorbed into the human digestive system. 

  1. Cannabis laced beverages and drinks 

Cannabis is often laced in beverages such as tea and coffee. Cannabis can also be added n drinks such as juices, soda, beer as well as other alcoholic beverages. There have been traditional drinks made from cannabis in certain parts of India. These drinks are known locally as lassi and thandai. 

  1. Pharmaceutical products containing cannabis compounds 

There are unlawful capsules that are made using cannabis compounds. They are mostly sold in black market settings. 

  1. Food ingredients and additives 

There are food ingredients that are made using cannabis compounds. Examples of these products include hash oil and cannabis tincture.  There are also edible cooking oils made from cannabis products. 

            Effects of cannabis edible products on user 

 Edible products ingested in the form of candy and drinks tend to produce immediate effects as opposed to the ones ingested as food products. However, the effects of food products tend to last longer due to their higher concentration of THC compounds. The following are some of the effects of suspected overdose: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Variation in appetite levels 
  • Increased incidences of anxiety 
  • Drowsiness and dizziness 
  • Hallucination 

The effects of THC edible products are however largely dependent on: 

  • The metabolism rate of the users 
  • Gender of the users 
  • Drug tolerance levels of the user 
  • Weight level of the users 

Users of cannabis edible products are often advised to consume the products in lower quantities. This is because the effect of the products normally set in after a couple of hours. 

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