Most Crucial Ideas on Your Best Cannabis Strains to Grow In Your Farm in 2019

As rains in spring season end and we get to summer season, thousands of hobbyists are beginning their annual activities of growing cannabis. Legalization of cannabis in many states, there are more gardeners of cannabis than before. Some of them want to grow exotic and trendy flavors for a retail sellers while others are curious plant lovers and eager to try their green thumbs on the fast growing annual.  

Just like fashion trends, many cannabis sweep into vogue. Currently, gardeners, smokers and multibillion dollar commercialization ramps up are enjoying a golden age of several flavors of cannabis as well as their effects. Normally, its many farmers usually plant seeds and juvenile shoots up after spring rains. Through the fall, these plants grow quite fast and late are harvested at around October.  

Below are some popular cannabis strains which you can plant in 2019 season: 

New Desert Strains: – This is the era of desert strains which commenced with complicated strain cookies about eight years ago. Of late, cookies led to the creamy, berry as well as fuel strain thus, you are recommended to take note that this type of strain seed will dominate and clone menus in trendy legal markets.  

Tasty CBD Strains: – Almost six past years, the first strain which produces a therapeutic molecule has a taste similar to hay. Currently, lovers of CBD receive all exotic terpene profiles of THC lovers.  

Guava Jelly CBD – Usually has an aroma of sweet tropical fruit and is obtained from Hawaiian Seed Company. It produces an effective 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD having an amazing scent.  

Fresh OGS: – These are almost twenty years old and charging regards to their smell resembling that of a lemon. Normally, they have very high THC effect which has ability to conquer the highest tolerances. They exists in various ways which are: 

WhoOody: – Usually has a very high indica and is very effective for sleep. It is a combination of sour straw berries and Gucci from Colorado’s Nerds.  

Venom OG: – It is an award winning variant on the classic OG. It is quite tasty and strong but it is usually short but bushy. As well, it has a purple color making it a perfect choice for your background.  

Nostalgic Heirloom Sativas: – They usually have an energetic effects which are associated with some other cannabis. It is quite rare for you to obtain them from your dispensaries since it is quite expensive to produce them and as well take loan to flower.  


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