Factors that a legal cannabis dealer should consider before seeking to compete with the black market

Starting a business whether big or small is no easy task. Various factors have to be considered before one invests their money in a certain business. Starting one blindly might result in regrets if the business does not go as planned. One factor to consider involves competition. It is important for every business owner to get a clear understanding of how the competitors operate. This will help one develop appropriate strategies to beat competitors from the very start. Legal cannabis dealers are no exception to this. A competition that legal cannabis dealers are likely to face is the black market.  For their businesses to thrive, legal cannabis dealers should make sure that they do things in the right manner from the start. The following are some factors that a legal cannabis dealer should consider before seeking to compete with the black market: 

Financial capability – this kind of stability is very important. It determines whether one is able to carry out activities such as marketing that are aimed at growing the business. Every potential legal cannabis dealer should remember that the black market is well established meaning that it has a lot of financial resources. If they cannot fund the business using their savings, they should consider taking a loan. It is, however, important to have a certain level of certainty regarding success probability. This is because the loan will have to be paid back regardless of whether the business thrives or not.  

Their knowledge – it is important for every potential legal cannabis dealer to consider their knowledge in terms of the various cannabis products, their uses and effects. This will come in handy when obtaining a license to operate as a legal cannabis dealer. Customers will also consider dealer knowledge before buying cannabis products. So as to operate at a level similar to the black market, every legal dealer should seek to acquire relevant information so that existing customers do not opt for the illegal options. 

Need for regulations – legal cannabis is provided after the approval by various state regulatory bodies. This is unlike the black market that offers this drug illegally. Owing to this, it is important to understand that the regulations might be very strict. For instance, one may be required to operate only within a certain location. This means that a legal cannabis dealer does not have the ability to operate wherever they wish. Before starting the business, it is important to consider whether one is willing to work under such restrictions or not. This is because the black market, in this case, will have an advantage since the dealers can avail their products in all areas. 

Once all relevant factors have been considered, a legal cannabis dealer should aim at increasing market share and profits. They should do whatever is necessary to keep the black market out of business.  

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