ETA Program Examples

Other ETA Example Programs

I will place more programs here as I write them. Comments welcome – mail

Rev Utility

.dalas a ni gge ym yrt
uoy nehw yrraM .nup tes tup n'tfo ym evoba snup yrT .eurT .duola lla kculc kculc yas
neh ynuP .tolb desu a tnuP .raet
liarf a yrc naem stib desreveR::
::Reversed bits mean cry a frail 
tear. Punt a used blot. Puny hen
say cluck cluck all aloud. True. Try puns above my oft'n put set pun. Marry when you
try my egg in a salad.

Hi Program

A suitable reply to the standard Hello World!

Drunk today, 
Me awfully rather bladdered,
Do unlawful butchery coldly nine new ways at home, 
Do crazy new nuts (red, and blue salty), but
Mummy normally says hear this: 
Untold envy tends to make a tired owl... 

Noughts and Crosses Program

Also known as Tic Tac Toe. It’s too long to list here, but the simple source is here, the beautified version is here, and the eta-builder source is here.

Bi-lingual Cat Detector

This is a version of my cat detector program (as described in the ETA for Palm Pilot pages) that can be interpreted by any standard ETA interpreter, and also will interpret itself if you run it with Ruby.

f>0?$6?ant<<c&&c=f=0:(c="htaoins".index($&)+c*7): $1?ant<<l+2: $2?ant<<STDIN.getc: $3?f=
$4?$><<z.chr: $5?ant<<ant[-1-z.abs]&&z>0&&ant.slice!(-2-z):(b=ant.pop
$6?ant<<b/z&&ant<<b%z: $7?ant<<b-z: b!=0&&(l=z-2
   ntiteo: nice cat
   ntsseo: bad cat
   natieo: nice cat
   nahoeo: bad cat
   nttaeo: nice cat
    niieo: no such cat
     tate: mad cat
      ine: happy cat
naehsnteh: nightmare cat
    ntoes: naughty but nice cat
   nanetn: a very fat cat
     naee: nearly a tiger in fact
  atnnhet: a cat came - but nice or not?
   ntiteo: nice cat
   natheo: nice cat
   nahteo: nice cat
   nahoeo: nice cat
    niieo: nice cat
   nahteo: nice cat
   ntsseo: nice cat
   naaieo: nice cat
    nineo: nice cat
 ntoeonet: good kitty
   ntaoeo: bad cat
   ntsseo: bad cat
   nahaeo: bad cat
    niieo: bad cat
   nahteo: bad cat
   ntsseo: bad cat
   naaieo: bad cat
    nineo: bad cat
 ntoeonet: nasty kitty