A Break Down of How THC use affects driving For You!

One of the most commonly used drugs in the world is marijuana. Its main active ingredient is THC. It is known in full as tetrahydrocannabinol This chemical produces specific effects upon your brain that can make it difficult for you to drive properly. They impair your cognitive and motor functions that are the most important systems that implemented while driving. In this way, it is dangerous to drive while under the influence of THC. Here are some explanations on How THC use affects driving. 

Cognitive effects 

The main effect that THC has on the body is cognitive in nature. This means that it directly affects the Central Nervous System (CNS). This is the combination of your brain and the spinal cord. They are the main centers of nervous function. This means that THC generally impairs the functioning of your nerves.   

Memory loss: A big effect of THC is on your hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that deals with memories. This psychoactive chemical makes it difficult to remember things. It also makes it challenging to make new memories. Driving requires you to remember road rules and regulations. As such, memory loss can result in accidents. 

Anxiety: The THC also affects your amygdala. This is a part of your brain that controls how much anxiety you feel. THC can amplify your anxiety levels. This means that it can make you feel more anxious than usual. In extreme cases, you can end up suffering from a panic attack. If this happens while you are driving, it can cause an accident quite easily. 

Drowsiness: In the first few minutes after consumption, THC is a stimulant. It amplifies concentration and efficiency. Over time, it transforms into a depressant. This means that it begins to slow your bodily functions. It can impede your concentration by making you drowsy. This can prove to be extremely dangerous when you are driving. It can lead to loss of control resulting in an accident. 

Muscular effects 

The muscular system of the body is very important because it controls how our arms and legs move. Here is How THC use affects driving and results in accidents. 

Slow reaction time: This is one of the effects of THC. This psychoactive chemical delays the nervous impulses to the muscles. By doing this, it causes your muscles to respond slower than required. This can cause your arms or legs to respond slower than you would. Driving requires very fast reactions. Therefore, THC can slow you down and cause accidents in the process. 

Impaired vision: THC normally dilates the blood vessels in the eyes. This results in swollen, red eyes. They can become dry and impair your vision. This poses the risk of accidents while driving. 


THC is the main psychoactive component in marijuana. It has numerous negative effects on the body. Above are some ways on How THC use affects driving. 

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Things You Should Know If You Are Thinking Of Taking Up Culinary Courses

Even though the whole experience of taking up culinary courses may end up been fun and exciting but it may also come with its very own challenges. As rewarding as it may be, it may end up been a highly testing experience physically and emotionally. Therefore, because of this, it is always important for you to know exactly what it is that you are going to be getting yourself into. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking up courses, below are some of the things that you need to know about before you go ahead.

  • The whole journey is an intense one

Going into the professional kitchen is going to be way more intense compared to the way you would be running things in your very own kitchen in your home. The knives are going to be way sharper, the stoves are going to be way hotter and you are going to have to deal with the pressure of been expected to know all the necessary details as quickly as possible. You need to have the zeal that is needed and the strength to perceiver all the challenges that you may end up been faced with in the long run. Furthermore, nothing comes easy and each profession usually comes with its very own challenges.

  • You may end up getting hurt

When you are in the cooking industry, chances of you getting hurt are usually very high.

Also, you need to remember that you are dealing with things in your kitchen that are sharp and hot and it may be just a matter of time before you end up hurting yourself seriously. As much as you might be careful, you need to prepare yourself psychologically for anything that might happen. You are also going to end up facing a number of emotional trails which may cause you to want to give up. However, if this is your passion, you need to be strong and finish your journey.

  • Taking up culinary courses will not necessarily make you a top chef

Regardless of the Palate Sensations culinary school that you are going to have your culinary courses in, this is not going to give you a gate pass into becoming a top chef. This is because what these courses are about is giving you an insight into all the basics that you need to know. You are also going to have the skills that are needed for you to get to learn further and push yourself into greater heights. If you want to be a top chef, you will need to advance further into your education and get to learn more things.

Common Interview Questions You Will Get In A Private School

Nobody loves failing interviews now and then that is why many people dread going for interviews especially private school interviews. Before enrolling in a private school, you will be required to pass through a test most preferably an interview, in order to gauge your qualifications in the curriculum. This is where many students all over the globe fail, as they never know what to expect in these gruesome interviews. However, you need not to worry again because this article will cover some of the most common questions and the tips of how you are required to answer them. They include.

What material you read outside schoolwork

Most of the private school interviewers ask this questions which is difficult to many students. The interviewer asks this questions so that he or she can know whether you read anything outside classwork and whether you are a resourceful student. In this case therefore, the best way to answer this questions is finding three of your favorite books and quoting them in addition, you can answer any material like newspapers, magazines and the likes. Remember what you read most of the times represent who you are and therefore, you need to pay great attention to this questions. Develop a habit of reading even outside your schoolwork.

What current events interests you

This is another question asked by most private schools interviewers. This is meant to know what your interests are which in turn says a lot about your personality. Once you are asked this question therefore, you need to find any trending news that you have an interest in. you can find this by following the current news either in newspapers, online blogs, tabloids, or even television. By knowing what has been trending shows that you are a lively student who is highly knowledgeable. Don?t just concentrate on the local news only, make sure that you know a thing or two that is happening in the international stage. Never let a simple question ruin your chances of learning in a private school.

What you are intrested in the school

Owing to the fact that there are very many private schools all over the country, the interviewer in this case wants to know why you chose the school. In order to effectively answer this question, you need to have researched on the school, what their school motto is, their mission and philosophy plus the curriculum that they use in educating their students. Quoting their vision and mission shows that you know quite well the school and you are really interested in the school. Just do a background search of the school and get your place in the private school.

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