Alcoholic Cannabis

These are alcoholic extracts that are infused. Mostly tinctures were used as a medicine to cannabis patients until the United States prohibited the use of cannabis tincture Just like the other drugs, they’re meant as an entry point for users who want it as a recreational and somehow to ease the consumption of smokeless products. 

History of Cannabis Tinctures. 

This alcoholic product appeared in pharmacopeia unknown date till 1942, which lost its use and appeal as a medicinal drug and could be suitable for methods such as synthetic hypnotics and Analgesics and the time it could be used for the recreation purposes. There has been one primary purpose for this drug since the 1980s, which has been the use of the endocannabinoid system. 

Tinctures were made with higher and above percentages. They may come in different varieties such as dropper in Glass bottles. They are kind of a solvent used to extract cannabinoids in either THC or CBD from plant material. 

Preparation of Cannabis Tinctures. 

One thing to know before preparing cannabis Tinctures is that you must have a high percentage of alcohol. 


A Grinder. 

A high percentage of alcohol 

Aluminum/Copper foil. 

A mason jar. 

An oven with a safe pan. 

Cloth Cheese. 

Cannabis flowers or trim. 

Glass bottle. 

Hand gloves. 

A measuring cup. 

Decarboxylated weeds. 

Grind or crush the Cannabis into small parts and add them into the oven pan, cover or close the pan with aluminum foil and the reason for this is that the weed doesn’t get hot and vaporize bake in onto the oven, which has reached to 230 degrees because of being preheated and Fahrenheit for 1 10 minutes. 


Your decarboxylated Cannabis should be put in the mason jar and added to fill it with the highest alcohol till its completely submerged. 

Freeze the jar full of alcohol for two days to 2 weeks while removing out once in a day to separate the components of the plants from the product. 

Take a cheesecloth and strain the materials until a liquid is no longer passing. And take the gloves and strain the remaining liquid even before filling the bottles with it. 

The last step is to properly store and maintain your tincture and put everything in a glass dropper and store it until the period of time you want. 

These products can be put into some meals and drinks such as juices and sodas and soups and salads. 

Pros of Cannabis Tinctures. 

Drop by drop application- These Tinctures allows the user to apply a small amount of dose. 

Minimum effective control – These tinctures takes a small amount to control your condition. 

Long durability – These tinctures can last for years if kept cool. 

They have a low calorie and, therefore, can manage your weight. 

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