Alcoholic Cannabis

These are alcoholic extracts that are infused. Mostly tinctures were used as a medicine to cannabis patients until the United States prohibited the use of cannabis tincture Just like the other drugs, they’re meant as an entry point for users who want it as a recreational and somehow to ease the consumption of smokeless products. 

History of Cannabis Tinctures. 

This alcoholic product appeared in pharmacopeia unknown date till 1942, which lost its use and appeal as a medicinal drug and could be suitable for methods such as synthetic hypnotics and Analgesics and the time it could be used for the recreation purposes. There has been one primary purpose for this drug since the 1980s, which has been the use of the endocannabinoid system. 

Tinctures were made with higher and above percentages. They may come in different varieties such as dropper in Glass bottles. They are kind of a solvent used to extract cannabinoids in either THC or CBD from plant material. 

Preparation of Cannabis Tinctures. 

One thing to know before preparing cannabis Tinctures is that you must have a high percentage of alcohol. 


A Grinder. 

A high percentage of alcohol 

Aluminum/Copper foil. 

A mason jar. 

An oven with a safe pan. 

Cloth Cheese. 

Cannabis flowers or trim. 

Glass bottle. 

Hand gloves. 

A measuring cup. 

Decarboxylated weeds. 

Grind or crush the Cannabis into small parts and add them into the oven pan, cover or close the pan with aluminum foil and the reason for this is that the weed doesn’t get hot and vaporize bake in onto the oven, which has reached to 230 degrees because of being preheated and Fahrenheit for 1 10 minutes. 


Your decarboxylated Cannabis should be put in the mason jar and added to fill it with the highest alcohol till its completely submerged. 

Freeze the jar full of alcohol for two days to 2 weeks while removing out once in a day to separate the components of the plants from the product. 

Take a cheesecloth and strain the materials until a liquid is no longer passing. And take the gloves and strain the remaining liquid even before filling the bottles with it. 

The last step is to properly store and maintain your tincture and put everything in a glass dropper and store it until the period of time you want. 

These products can be put into some meals and drinks such as juices and sodas and soups and salads. 

Pros of Cannabis Tinctures. 

Drop by drop application- These Tinctures allows the user to apply a small amount of dose. 

Minimum effective control – These tinctures takes a small amount to control your condition. 

Long durability – These tinctures can last for years if kept cool. 

They have a low calorie and, therefore, can manage your weight. 

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The Cannabis Act came into play in June 2018 in Canada, and it allows for every jurisdiction to lay their own legal terms for the sale and production of marijiuna.

Here is a list of licenced medical marijuana holders as regulated by Health Canada to grow, process and sell in the different provinces of Canada.


7 Acres

It is found in Kincrdine

It is s a hybrid greenhouse that uses best practises for indoor cultivation and sun to produce high qualityplants.


They use a chart known as the Metrrum Spectrum, which simplifies on the strength and dosage by categorising medical marijuana using straight forward colour coding system according to CBD and THC levels Green Society


Tumble Weed Farms

It islicensed for cultivation, processing and medical sales of cannabis plants and seeds.

It is located in Chase.

The facilty stands at 10,000sq. feet and is projected to produce 1,000kg of cannabis flower annualy.

THC Biomed

Founded in 2014 and located in Kelowna, it specializes in clone distribution for patients to grow at home.


314 pure cannabis ltd

It is based in Crossfield.

They produce both medicinal and recretional marijuana in forms of  flowers, oils and concentrates.

They do indoor cultivation, seeds and plants sales and cannabis material processing.

Candre Cannabis

It is located in Sundre in an indoor facilty specifically built for production of Cannbis production. They are licensed to provide cannabis plants and seeds.


Hexo (formerly known as Hydropothecary)

It is a pest free top quality cannabis producer founded in 2013 by Sebastien ST-Louis and Adam Miron.

Their cannabis is sun grown in an advanced greenhouse technology.


They are licensed in cultivation of cannabis plants and seeds.

Their products offer solutions for oral rehydration products providing fast relief for dehydration symptoms.


Aqualitas Inc

This is an aquaponics marijuana company, I.e. they use fish as fertiliser for their cannabis plants and do not use pesticide, therefore yielding clean plant based products which they are licensed to cultivate.  Strains grown from here include West Coast Botanics Cannabis.

Highland Grow Inc

It is located near Antigonish and has been licensed since 2017. They are licensed to provide cannabis plants and seeds, dried and fresh cannabis, and patient support.


Key Leaf Life

This is a subsidiary of the Canopy Growth Corporation since June 2019.

They work to technologically advance development and commercialisation of hemp and cannabis bio mass products.

CanniMed Theraputics

It was formed in 2013 and is dedicated to providing chronically ill and those terminally ill with high grade medical marijuana.

They offer dried flower, oils, topicals and capsules.



It is based in Moncton and was founded in 2013. it is licensed to cultivateion, sales and processing of organic cannabis.

It is known for its Strain Discovery Program which helps patients get the medicine they require.


Located in Atholville village, they are licensed for the cultivation and production of pharmacutical grade marijuana.

Tidal Health Solutions Ltd.

Licensed in cultivation, sales and processing of both recreational and medicinal cannabis products.

It was founded by Dr, Doughlas Smith.


BioScision Pharma

It is licensed in processing and sales  of plant derived and related products.

Bonify Holdings Corporation

licensed for the cultivation, sales and processing of marijuana products.

delta 9 bio-tech inc

it was founded in 2013 and are dedicated to hand trimmed, high quality mediac cannabis.

They grow about 20 different  genetics in rotation.


Canada Islands Garden

the business offers a range of proprietary starins including CBD.

They also grow organic fruits and vegetables alongside their medical cannabis.

Doseccann LD Inc

it is located in Charlotte town and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Auxly Cannabis Group.

It is licensed in processing; extraction, quality testing,product formulation and manufucturing.

These are just but a few as per territory but there are many more licensed areas if you wish to explore on more sectors where the cultivation, sales and processing of cannabis and it materials are sold.

The beauty of Cannabis Sativa

Sativa plants are predominantly found in hot climates. These regions can be arid or semi-arid. Sativa plants can be found in Africa, South East Asia and Central America. They have a tall and thin appearance. They also have a set of finger-like leaves. This is an adaptation to the desert-like conditions of their native regions. 

Sativa strains have traces of CBD. This is unlike their Indica counterparts which have little or no CBD at all. Sativa strains still have lower doses of CBD and higher amounts of THC. These plants are attributed to delivering an energizing effect. Users of sativa-dominant strains have reported feeling productive and creative. Unlike the Indica family, Sativa strains are championed as stimulants. You are encouraged to use them during the day. We shall sample two very popular Sativa strains.


Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold has an average THC content of about 15%. This is normal for a Sativa plant. It has recorded CBD contents reaching 7% in some tests.

The main attraction of Acapulco Gold is its medicinal value. It is used widely in treatment of mental health conditions purchase online here It is actively being used to treat anxiety and depression. Its effect of high energy and reduced stress levels make Acapulco Gold a perfect candidate for treatment. Its Sativa properties make it a great pain reliever. This has been used to treat inflammatory, joint and muscle pains. It has also been used to control muscle spasms.

If you are suffering from fatigue Acapulco Gold will surely work wonders. The high it gives is perfect for boosting motivation and reducing stress.

If you wish to grow this crop, it is best to use an outdoor setting. This bud does best in outdoor tropical conditions. Growing the strain indoors, you can expect yields of up to 500g per metre squared. Outdoor plants can reach up to 1500 g per metre squared during harvest time. This happens around mid-October.  Indoor plants commonly grow to a height of around 110cm, whereas outdoor specimen have recorded up to 200cm. You will need high temperatures and plenty of sunshine for this plant to thrive. After 65-75 days you can expect yields from indoor plants.

Green Crack Strain

Green Crack is a pure strain. It is naturally grown, whether in an indoor or outdoor setting. Like any other sativa-dominant strains it uplifts and energizes anyone. It is used to treat a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms. Some of these conditions include:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bi-Polar
  • Trauma

Green Crack has given new information to the medical community. This has helped them find better ways of treating mental health with Cannabis This applies to vulnerable groups such as Veterans and those with childhood trauma.

Green Crack can have a THC content of up to 24%. This is in contrast to its almost 0% CBD content.

You will need temperatures between 70-80degrees Fahrenheit to grow this crop. Naturally, it grows to a height of 3-4 feet. It yields 20 ounces per plant for outdoor conditions. You can expect a yield of 18 ounces per square metre with indoor conditions.

Reasons of Investing in RRSP’s

RRSP can be referred to as registered retirement savings plan which is a savings account registered towards the federal government and it is used for making savings for the retirement. There are some main reasons that would lead an individual towards investing in RRSP’s.  

Saving for retirement 

People without employer pension are able to save for retirement prior to termination of the contract. Generally, by the time RRSP was being created, most employees were just issued with workplace pension. This means that investing in RRSP’s is an important step. If an individual will not be entitled to a large pension, one may consider investing in RRSP’s.  

Saving for education or purchasing a home 

Typically, when RRSPs were created, they we specifically designed for retirement Currently, it is possible to investing in RRSP’s which will aid in financing the purchasing process of a home or catering for education. Savers are allowed to make a tax-free withdrawal that is below the specified limit which is used for the down payment or purchasing the house. If RRSP account is for spouse, the two individuals can make a withdrawal to double the amount. The amount withdrawn should be repaid the following year after a property has been purchased for a maximum period of fifteen years. One may also withdraw a certain specified amount of money from RRSP to cater for education. Money borrowed should be repaid within one or two years after making the withdrawal for a period of ten years.  

In order to reduce tax return 

Investing in RRSP’s helps in reducing the amount of tax return paid. Also, investing in RRSP’s allows the saved money to grow on tax free basis. However, investing in RRSP’s on a non-registered account an individual is required to pay tax towards any interest income. Investing in RRSP’s an individual can negotiate for deductions of taxable income on the current tax return. Current tax deductions that are made reduces income tax charged when the rates are higher are as compared to the future when withdrawal might be subjected to lower rates. If money saved for RRSP is withdrawn; withdrawal charges are included as income on income tax return during the year that the withdrawal took place. 

If an individual has run out of TFSA contribution 

In case an individual has run out of TFSA contribution, one may prefer investing in RRSP’s. Therefore, one is in a position to save for investment income and capital benefits of investing in RRSP’s. Generally, the general public receives the same amount of TFSA contribution in every year. On the other hand, money saved while investing in RRSP’s is determined by the monthly income of the saver. These are some of the reasons that may lead an individual towards investing in RRSP’s for retirement.  

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Factors that a legal cannabis dealer should consider before seeking to compete with the black market

Starting a business whether big or small is no easy task. Various factors have to be considered before one invests their money in a certain business. Starting one blindly might result in regrets if the business does not go as planned. One factor to consider involves competition. It is important for every business owner to get a clear understanding of how the competitors operate. This will help one develop appropriate strategies to beat competitors from the very start. Legal cannabis dealers are no exception to this. A competition that legal cannabis dealers are likely to face is the black market.  For their businesses to thrive, legal cannabis dealers should make sure that they do things in the right manner from the start. The following are some factors that a legal cannabis dealer should consider before seeking to compete with the black market: 

Financial capability – this kind of stability is very important. It determines whether one is able to carry out activities such as marketing that are aimed at growing the business. Every potential legal cannabis dealer should remember that the black market is well established meaning that it has a lot of financial resources. If they cannot fund the business using their savings, they should consider taking a loan. It is, however, important to have a certain level of certainty regarding success probability. This is because the loan will have to be paid back regardless of whether the business thrives or not.  

Their knowledge – it is important for every potential legal cannabis dealer to consider their knowledge in terms of the various cannabis products, their uses and effects. This will come in handy when obtaining a license to operate as a legal cannabis dealer. Customers will also consider dealer knowledge before buying cannabis products. So as to operate at a level similar to the black market, every legal dealer should seek to acquire relevant information so that existing customers do not opt for the illegal options. 

Need for regulations – legal cannabis is provided after the approval by various state regulatory bodies. This is unlike the black market that offers this drug illegally. Owing to this, it is important to understand that the regulations might be very strict. For instance, one may be required to operate only within a certain location. This means that a legal cannabis dealer does not have the ability to operate wherever they wish. Before starting the business, it is important to consider whether one is willing to work under such restrictions or not. This is because the black market, in this case, will have an advantage since the dealers can avail their products in all areas. 

Once all relevant factors have been considered, a legal cannabis dealer should aim at increasing market share and profits. They should do whatever is necessary to keep the black market out of business.  

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Most Crucial Ideas on Your Best Cannabis Strains to Grow In Your Farm in 2019

As rains in spring season end and we get to summer season, thousands of hobbyists are beginning their annual activities of growing cannabis. Legalization of cannabis in many states, there are more gardeners of cannabis than before. Some of them want to grow exotic and trendy flavors for a retail sellers while others are curious plant lovers and eager to try their green thumbs on the fast growing annual.  

Just like fashion trends, many cannabis sweep into vogue. Currently, gardeners, smokers and multibillion dollar commercialization ramps up are enjoying a golden age of several flavors of cannabis as well as their effects. Normally, its many farmers usually plant seeds and juvenile shoots up after spring rains. Through the fall, these plants grow quite fast and late are harvested at around October.  

Below are some popular cannabis strains which you can plant in 2019 season: 

New Desert Strains: – This is the era of desert strains which commenced with complicated strain cookies about eight years ago. Of late, cookies led to the creamy, berry as well as fuel strain thus, you are recommended to take note that this type of strain seed will dominate and clone menus in trendy legal markets.  

Tasty CBD Strains: – Almost six past years, the first strain which produces a therapeutic molecule has a taste similar to hay. Currently, lovers of CBD receive all exotic terpene profiles of THC lovers.  

Guava Jelly CBD – Usually has an aroma of sweet tropical fruit and is obtained from Hawaiian Seed Company. It produces an effective 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD having an amazing scent.  

Fresh OGS: – These are almost twenty years old and charging regards to their smell resembling that of a lemon. Normally, they have very high THC effect which has ability to conquer the highest tolerances. They exists in various ways which are: 

WhoOody: – Usually has a very high indica and is very effective for sleep. It is a combination of sour straw berries and Gucci from Colorado’s Nerds.  

Venom OG: – It is an award winning variant on the classic OG. It is quite tasty and strong but it is usually short but bushy. As well, it has a purple color making it a perfect choice for your background.  

Nostalgic Heirloom Sativas: – They usually have an energetic effects which are associated with some other cannabis. It is quite rare for you to obtain them from your dispensaries since it is quite expensive to produce them and as well take loan to flower.  


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A Break Down of How THC use affects driving For You!

One of the most commonly used drugs in the world is marijuana. Its main active ingredient is THC. It is known in full as tetrahydrocannabinol This chemical produces specific effects upon your brain that can make it difficult for you to drive properly. They impair your cognitive and motor functions that are the most important systems that implemented while driving. In this way, it is dangerous to drive while under the influence of THC. Here are some explanations on How THC use affects driving. 

Cognitive effects 

The main effect that THC has on the body is cognitive in nature. This means that it directly affects the Central Nervous System (CNS). This is the combination of your brain and the spinal cord. They are the main centers of nervous function. This means that THC generally impairs the functioning of your nerves.   

Memory loss: A big effect of THC is on your hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that deals with memories. This psychoactive chemical makes it difficult to remember things. It also makes it challenging to make new memories. Driving requires you to remember road rules and regulations. As such, memory loss can result in accidents. 

Anxiety: The THC also affects your amygdala. This is a part of your brain that controls how much anxiety you feel. THC can amplify your anxiety levels. This means that it can make you feel more anxious than usual. In extreme cases, you can end up suffering from a panic attack. If this happens while you are driving, it can cause an accident quite easily. 

Drowsiness: In the first few minutes after consumption, THC is a stimulant. It amplifies concentration and efficiency. Over time, it transforms into a depressant. This means that it begins to slow your bodily functions. It can impede your concentration by making you drowsy. This can prove to be extremely dangerous when you are driving. It can lead to loss of control resulting in an accident. 

Muscular effects 

The muscular system of the body is very important because it controls how our arms and legs move. Here is How THC use affects driving and results in accidents. 

Slow reaction time: This is one of the effects of THC. This psychoactive chemical delays the nervous impulses to the muscles. By doing this, it causes your muscles to respond slower than required. This can cause your arms or legs to respond slower than you would. Driving requires very fast reactions. Therefore, THC can slow you down and cause accidents in the process. 

Impaired vision: THC normally dilates the blood vessels in the eyes. This results in swollen, red eyes. They can become dry and impair your vision. This poses the risk of accidents while driving. 


THC is the main psychoactive component in marijuana. It has numerous negative effects on the body. Above are some ways on How THC use affects driving. 

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Things You Should Know If You Are Thinking Of Taking Up Culinary Courses

Even though the whole experience of taking up culinary courses may end up been fun and exciting but it may also come with its very own challenges. As rewarding as it may be, it may end up been a highly testing experience physically and emotionally. Therefore, because of this, it is always important for you to know exactly what it is that you are going to be getting yourself into. Therefore, if you are thinking of taking up courses, below are some of the things that you need to know about before you go ahead.

  • The whole journey is an intense one

Going into the professional kitchen is going to be way more intense compared to the way you would be running things in your very own kitchen in your home. The knives are going to be way sharper, the stoves are going to be way hotter and you are going to have to deal with the pressure of been expected to know all the necessary details as quickly as possible. You need to have the zeal that is needed and the strength to perceiver all the challenges that you may end up been faced with in the long run. Furthermore, nothing comes easy and each profession usually comes with its very own challenges.

  • You may end up getting hurt

When you are in the cooking industry, chances of you getting hurt are usually very high.

Also, you need to remember that you are dealing with things in your kitchen that are sharp and hot and it may be just a matter of time before you end up hurting yourself seriously. As much as you might be careful, you need to prepare yourself psychologically for anything that might happen. You are also going to end up facing a number of emotional trails which may cause you to want to give up. However, if this is your passion, you need to be strong and finish your journey.

  • Taking up culinary courses will not necessarily make you a top chef

Regardless of the Palate Sensations culinary school that you are going to have your culinary courses in, this is not going to give you a gate pass into becoming a top chef. This is because what these courses are about is giving you an insight into all the basics that you need to know. You are also going to have the skills that are needed for you to get to learn further and push yourself into greater heights. If you want to be a top chef, you will need to advance further into your education and get to learn more things.

Common Interview Questions You Will Get In A Private School

Nobody loves failing interviews now and then that is why many people dread going for interviews especially private school interviews. Before enrolling in a private school, you will be required to pass through a test most preferably an interview, in order to gauge your qualifications in the curriculum. This is where many students all over the globe fail, as they never know what to expect in these gruesome interviews. However, you need not to worry again because this article will cover some of the most common questions and the tips of how you are required to answer them. They include.

What material you read outside schoolwork

Most of the private school interviewers ask this questions which is difficult to many students. The interviewer asks this questions so that he or she can know whether you read anything outside classwork and whether you are a resourceful student. In this case therefore, the best way to answer this questions is finding three of your favorite books and quoting them in addition, you can answer any material like newspapers, magazines and the likes. Remember what you read most of the times represent who you are and therefore, you need to pay great attention to this questions. Develop a habit of reading even outside your schoolwork.

What current events interests you

This is another question asked by most private schools interviewers. This is meant to know what your interests are which in turn says a lot about your personality. Once you are asked this question therefore, you need to find any trending news that you have an interest in. you can find this by following the current news either in newspapers, online blogs, tabloids, or even television. By knowing what has been trending shows that you are a lively student who is highly knowledgeable. Don?t just concentrate on the local news only, make sure that you know a thing or two that is happening in the international stage. Never let a simple question ruin your chances of learning in a private school.

What you are intrested in the school

Owing to the fact that there are very many private schools all over the country, the interviewer in this case wants to know why you chose the school. In order to effectively answer this question, you need to have researched on the school, what their school motto is, their mission and philosophy plus the curriculum that they use in educating their students. Quoting their vision and mission shows that you know quite well the school and you are really interested in the school. Just do a background search of the school and get your place in the private school.

The ETA C compiler project

Copyright © Stephen Sykes, 2003.

ETACC is a working C compiler for Mike Taylor’s ETA language. Yes, that’s right, this C compiler generates ETA code. ETA is an esoteric language that consists of only 7 instructions. It has some bizarre features, such as the fact that all numbers are written in a program in base 7. Obviously there are a few constraints on what you can do in an ETA program, but I was able to support quite a large subset of C, detailed below.

The C compiler should run on any reasonable UNIX system. You need a system C compiler, ruby, gnu make, and a great deal of patience whilst your programs compile. It is known to not work under cygwin, for reasons not yet understood.


The supported features of C are as follows:

  • int short long char
  • unary ops & * + – ~ !
  • prefix ++ —
  • postfix ++ —
  • binary ops * / % + – << >> < > <= >= == != & ^ | && ||
  • ternary op ?:
  • assignment = *= /= %= += -= <<= >>= &= |= ^=
  • arrays, subscripts
  • if
  • if else
  • while
  • do while
  • for
  • continue
  • break
  • return
  • goto
  • sizeof

Pointers, arrays, strings, character constants and so on are fully supported, and even recursion works. However, I haven’t yet been able to support some features.

The non-supported features are:

  • struct union
  • static
  • enum
  • float double unsigned
  • typedef
  • va_args
  • switch case
  • linking of multiple files together
  • multiple dimension arrays in global space
  • function pointers
  • array initialisers
  • fancy numeric constant formats – eg 0x1234

I aim to be able to support switch case, multi-d arrays in global space, function pointers, number formats and array initialisers in the near future. The remaining features will not be supported in this compiler because of the ridiculously enormous technical challenges they present.


The compiler is not much good without some libraries to help you do stuff.

There are three built-in fuctions that are always present in every program:

  • printf
  • putchar
  • getchar

Missing from this list at the moment are malloc & free, which will go here once I write them.

There are currently 12 library functions which you can access if you #include “libeta.h” in your program.

  • strcpy
  • strncpy
  • strchr
  • memset
  • strcmp
  • strlen
  • atoi
  • isalpha
  • isupper
  • islower
  • tolower
  • toupper

There will be more library functions as soon as I write them.

Including libeta.h in your program significantly increases the compilation time, so it is not recommended unless you really need one of the functions listed.

Differences from a standard C compiler

The main differences you will come across are the lack of features already mentioned above. And the compiler uses the system’s cpp preprocessor, so #defines and so on should work as expected. However, there are some things you need to know about how this compiler works in order to understand how to use it.

The code generated works on an ETA machine. ETA is a language that only has a single stack on which to store stuff. No registers, memory or anything. This means that either you need an enormously complex framework to keep track of the size of the stack at all times, or you build fixed size structures into the stack at compile time that hold the variable data that is generated at runtime. I went for the latter approach. This means that the stack size, and hence the amount of memory available to the program, is fixed during compilation.

The ETA code will be smaller and will compile and run faster if there is less space placed on the stack. So I have gone for quite low values for testing. However, you can specify more stack space if you require it in the parser command. The default value in the compiler shell script is 30.

If you run out of stack space, either your program will not work correctly, or it will exit after printing “!!”. Try changing the stack size value higher.

Another difference between an ETA interpreter and a more standard machine model is that all data types are the same size (actually a signed 32 bit int). Because everything, including chars in strings, are this size I decided to make sizeof return the value 1 for a variable of any data type. This perhaps is not quite ANSI, but it seems logical to me. There are some sizeof tests included that demonstrate this.

You can declare main() as main(argc, argv) if you like, but only zero/null will passed into these as there is no command line concept in an ETA interpreter.

The inplementation of printf will recognise %d, %s and %c only. No additional formatting parameters are allowed. %% will result in a single % being printed.

Finally, it’s better to present correct C programs to this compiler. There is practically no error checking. If there is a problem in the program, you may get a parse error, you may get an error from the ruby code generation phase, or you may get nothing at all. One option is to run your program through the system compiler first to find the errors.

Installation Package

The compiler consists of the following files:

  • c.lex – the flex lexer
  • c.y – the bison parser
  • main.c – the compiler main function
  • eta-rb.rb – the ruby code generation libraries
  • optimise.rb – the ruby optimiser
  • eta-cc-libs.rb – the built in function libraries
  • libeta.h – the C libraries
  • – the compiler shell script
  • sseta.c – the optimising ETA interpreter
  • Makefile – the makefile

The package includes the files, and lex.yy.c, which should enable you to compile the parser even if you don’t have bison and flex.

There is also a suite of test programs, which demonstrate various features and do various things. The test programs will compile with a standard C compiler if you make the include path point to the directory libeta.h is in. This is useful for checking results.

Finally, I included various ETA interpreters that you can run your programs with. However, unless your machine is a TeraOp-per-second supercomputer, I recommend using the optimising interpreter sseta. It is included in the package.

You can download the whole thing in a gzipped tar file.


Untar the package, and type “make” in your etacc directory. Everything will hopefully compile fine, please let me know any problems.

Then edit – you need to change the ETAPATH variable to point to the directory etacc resides in.

After this, you will want to run the tests. Change to the Tests directory, and type “make” (or try typing “gmake” if this doesn’t work). Even better, type “make -j” if you have more than one processor, or one of them fancy hyperthreading processors.

Then go and make a cup of tea.

When you get back, everything should have compiled. If not, make some marmite on toast.

Finally you should be able to type “make test”. The tests are interactive, but they tell you what to do. Some of the tests rely on a visual comparison of the results produced with the expected results (in brackets).


There are probably many bugs, my testing has been far from extensive. Please send reports here:

ETA Program Examples

Other ETA Example Programs

I will place more programs here as I write them. Comments welcome – mail

Rev Utility

.dalas a ni gge ym yrt
uoy nehw yrraM .nup tes tup n'tfo ym evoba snup yrT .eurT .duola lla kculc kculc yas
neh ynuP .tolb desu a tnuP .raet
liarf a yrc naem stib desreveR::
::Reversed bits mean cry a frail 
tear. Punt a used blot. Puny hen
say cluck cluck all aloud. True. Try puns above my oft'n put set pun. Marry when you
try my egg in a salad.

Hi Program

A suitable reply to the standard Hello World!

Drunk today, 
Me awfully rather bladdered,
Do unlawful butchery coldly nine new ways at home, 
Do crazy new nuts (red, and blue salty), but
Mummy normally says hear this: 
Untold envy tends to make a tired owl... 

Noughts and Crosses Program

Also known as Tic Tac Toe. It’s too long to list here, but the simple source is here, the beautified version is here, and the eta-builder source is here.

Bi-lingual Cat Detector

This is a version of my cat detector program (as described in the ETA for Palm Pilot pages) that can be interpreted by any standard ETA interpreter, and also will interpret itself if you run it with Ruby.

f>0?$6?ant<<c&&c=f=0:(c="htaoins".index($&)+c*7): $1?ant<<l+2: $2?ant<<STDIN.getc: $3?f=
$4?$><<z.chr: $5?ant<<ant[-1-z.abs]&&z>0&&ant.slice!(-2-z):(b=ant.pop
$6?ant<<b/z&&ant<<b%z: $7?ant<<b-z: b!=0&&(l=z-2
   ntiteo: nice cat
   ntsseo: bad cat
   natieo: nice cat
   nahoeo: bad cat
   nttaeo: nice cat
    niieo: no such cat
     tate: mad cat
      ine: happy cat
naehsnteh: nightmare cat
    ntoes: naughty but nice cat
   nanetn: a very fat cat
     naee: nearly a tiger in fact
  atnnhet: a cat came - but nice or not?
   ntiteo: nice cat
   natheo: nice cat
   nahteo: nice cat
   nahoeo: nice cat
    niieo: nice cat
   nahteo: nice cat
   ntsseo: nice cat
   naaieo: nice cat
    nineo: nice cat
 ntoeonet: good kitty
   ntaoeo: bad cat
   ntsseo: bad cat
   nahaeo: bad cat
    niieo: bad cat
   nahteo: bad cat
   ntsseo: bad cat
   naaieo: bad cat
    nineo: bad cat
 ntoeonet: nasty kitty

How To Choose The Perfect Private School

Choosing of languages school is something that takes many people alloy of times. Many consider looking for information online while other prefer visiting different places that are near to get all the content. This is to get all the required things that one ought to have before enrolling in such like classes. One can also love to consider a school that has cultural values, many choices of different languages just to mention a few. Therefore, under this topic, some of the necessary factors that one should consider while choosing languages schools are discussed below.

School accreditation. This refers to the degree of assurance that the given school is capable of giving out the very best for learning Mandarin. Also, it has got knowledgeable teachers who have got wide experience in such matters. The school should have all policies well-set, curriculum schedules, accommodation as well as better learning facilities. Thus, it is important to consider an organization that will offer quality English tuition for Kids in SG for the period will be required to be there.

Nationality mix. One should at all times consider the nationality mix of the given institution such as Pear Tree School. Get to know the various places that most student learning a particular language come from. Due they come from a specific country or from many parts of the world. This will be good since one has a great chance of mingling with many people who can be a great source of knowledge as well as promote faster learning of Chinese enrichment classes. Being a place where there are people from the different corner of the world will give one courage to stand all the challenges encountered while learning the language.

Curriculum and level of instruction. Some schools concentrate much on what is in the English course Singapore textbooks while other prefer not using such tools at all when delivering the message. Hence, there is a high need to get a language school that will give a standardized and well-balanced curriculum that I in a position of meeting the category of the people internationally.  The curriculum should meet all the aspect of learning a language, listening, speaking, reading as well as writing and good grammar pronunciation.

Class size. I t is vital to consider the size of the class that is available in any given Korean language Singapore schools. The big class may not produce that vary best for the learners. A good class should be composed of fifteen students and not more than that, according to Indoslang. This is to encourage easier teaching as well as handling of each person at a time. It will also increase the participation of every student thus increasing the level of performance and understanding among the people. Considering some of these factors will help one in getting the most appropriate language school aimed at.