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Thameside Radio

Thameside radioThameside was a fine London pirate station that broadcast every Sunday for about 5 years from 1977 onwards. Their transmitters were good enough for me to receive it with only minor difficulty from near Guildford where I grew up. If you want to know all about Thameside Radio, then I suggest you check this site out.

I made a few recordings that were saved through the years. I have here some clips of Dave the Intrepid Birdman presenting his show on a couple of Sundays in, I guess, sometime between 1978 and 1980. If anyone can shed some light on the actual date I would be grateful.

Dave was a fine DJ, and I remember listening every week for a period - but for some reason I never heard much of Bob Edwards who was on earlier. I wasn't aware that I had recorded any until I came across an old 1/4 inch tape in an old box at the back of my junk cupboard.

The recordings are remarkable in that they have survived so long without me knowing about them, given how many times I have moved house. Another remarkable thing is that my old 1/4 inch 4 track tape machine still worked in order to play them. But it's all good news for anyone who wants to hear how Dave Birdman sounded then.

I've chopped out the music, and each link has it's own file. They are encoded in windows media format - sorry if you can't use it - best find a windows PC and listen on that cos I'm not re-encoding them just now. They are in the order I got them off the tape, which is not necessarily chronological order, as I wasn't sure which tracks I recorded in which order. Also, the tape speed was 1 7/8 ips, so the quality is, um, muffletastic.

Incidently, this page has a later interview with Dave Birdman which is slightly interesting - it seems that Thameside were prosecuted at some point for theft of less than 1/2 penny's worth of electricity. That's funny - I guess the home office couldn't get them on anything else at the time.

S.D.Sykes Jan 2002