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Kenny Everett - Captain Kremmen


This page is about Captain Kremmen.

I used to listen to Kenny Everett's Captain Kremmen on the radio in the late 70s. Kremmen was one of Everett's most successful creations - I believe Everett used Kremmen on several different shows, including the TV show and maybe on the BBC. I have collected a little information about the character: This comes from fan John Shirley:

"The original Captain Kremmen episodes were broadcast on Kenny Everett's Saturday lunchtime shows in 1977 [first ones were 1976 or earlier -SS]. These had a lot more plot, lasted about 5 minutes each, and had better jokes. Everett originally meant it as a one-off spoof, but he put more exciting adventures next week (or something like that) at the end, and everyone wanted more. He ended up staying up most of the night on Friday nights making each episode in his home studio. Eventually, Everett had enough of doing it, and killed Kremmen off. The episodes on his Thames TV programme were almost the same, with added cartoons, and they also appeared as a strip cartoon in the Evening Standard."

And further information comes from Alan Jeffries:

"I think the original run lasted for approx 20 episodes at 5 minutes or so per slot. I did my best to keep up with it when it returned with 2 new stories The Giant Banana and Kremmen's double. When Kenny went to the morning slot Kremmen went with him - of course - and was on every morning with some new material and some re-used stuff. I'm not sure how long this went on for before Kenny decided to kill him off. As he sacrificed himself Kala told him she was pregnant. Several years later Kremmen surfaced on Capital Gold when Kenny landed there. It started with repeats and when it got to the last episode, he re-edited it to save Kremmen. The series went on for a while longer until Kenny obviously got bored with it again and ended it on a cliffhanger. I don't know if he ever resolved the story.

The comic strip in the The Evening Standard ran for 129 strips and re-told some of the radio stuff. The Giant Banana and the Krells was the final story. Once the bomb had gone off inside Kremmen the last panel had the prof saying 'You've killed Captain Kremmen!'. That was the end of the strip."

The general format of the radio episodes was to have an intro with some name gags (introducing cast members like Polly Scar, Sid Down, Stan Dup etc), a little bit of dialogue with one or two jokes, and then the end sequence. And lots of great sound effects throughout. Most episodes were less than 2 minutes.

Unfortunately distribution of the material over the internet is not possible. I have heard that Kremmen is occasionally repeated on the radio (particularly in Australia), although some of it must sound a bit dated now. Capital radio in the UK are the copyright holder for the Captain Kremmen radio material, so any queries about re-runs and the like should be directed to them. Also note that Grace Gibson Productions are the Australian distributor.

S.D.Sykes Sept 2005