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The ETA to Music Converter

Copyright © Stephen Sykes, 2001.

This is a utility for Mike Taylor's ETA language.

Whilst sitting having a couple of beers the other night with Mike and his wife Fiona, we hit on the idea that we could convert ETA code into music by simply mapping the eight commands to eight musical notes.

In fact, it was mostly a desperate attempt to pursuade Fiona, who is a musician and cares not for esoteric programming languages (and who could blame her?), that ETA programming is not merely interesting, but in fact vaguely useful for something.

At any rate, five minutes of hacking an old wav file generator of mine, and lo, we had music. It comes out a bit like a cross between Terry Riley and Steve Reich on a rather bad day, and we're not even sure it deserves the title 'music', but here are the results for what they are worth.

There are two examples, both conversions of my good or bad cat program - the first has a note mapping that includes an Eb, and the second avoids the flat note by using the same note as the lowest one an octave higher. These are plain wav files - they are about 820k each.

Conversion program

Here is a Windows/Intel compiled version of the ETA to wav converter, compiled in the first mapping configuration.

Source Code

You can download the C program here.

S.D.Sykes July 2001