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27th Jan 2004, 7:06am
ntpdate - no server suitable for synchronization found (3)

I've previously reported on a reason why you might get the message "no server suitable for synchronization found" from ntpdate.

Well I just received some correspondence from David Gessel who had a different cause for the message. I will quote from his letter to me:

I tried
ntpdate -b -p 8 
and got no server suitable for synchronization found

Searching I found someone suggesting that the problem was related to network saturation so I tried
ntpdate -b -t 4 -p 4 
and got step time server offset 0.166414 sec - just right. I edited my init.d/ntpd file to read
         if [ -s "$ntpstep" -o -n "$dostep" ]; then
             # Synchronize with servers if step-tickers exists
             # or the -x option is used
             echo -n $"$prog: Synchronizing with time server: "
             /usr/sbin/ntpdate -s -b -t 4 -p 4 $tickers
             [ $RETVAL -eq 0 ] && success || failure
             if [ $RETVAL -ne 0 ]; then
                     OPTIONS="$OPTIONS -g"
-t 4 sets the timeout to 4 seconds (from 1, "suitable for LAN applicatons") and -p 8 sets the number of averaged samples back to the default, RH9 at least sets the larger number of averages, but with the longer time out you could in theory be waiting 32 seconds. After the initial ntpdate config, everything will sync up with ntpq which defaults to 5000 msec.
If you are on a busy or remote network, this is probably the first thing to try. Thanks David!
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