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6th Mar 2007, 11:42am
Compiling gnu emacs under fedora fc5

If you do a straight compile of emacs under fedora it fails - you get this:

Dumping under names emacs and emacs-21.4.1
make[1]: *** [emacs] Segmentation fault
make[1]: *** Deleting file `emacs'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/sds/emacs-21.4/src'
make: *** [src] Error 2

Curious - emacs is super mature and stable, it really should work. A little bit of googling, and the reason is clear. However, the given fixes (also mentioned here) do not work.

But after a quick look through the man page for setarch, I found that this worked for me:

setarch i386 -R make

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